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We’ve had the honor of partnering with Pushpay since 2016. Our role has included redesigning a plethora of pages on, as well as creating the branding and registration pages for their biggest event of the year, Summit. Summit is an informative and effective event held at the Disneyland Hotel each year with 1200+ attendees, to learn about how to use technology to create growth. We created the past few annual event registration pages, as well as the branding, supporting assets, and more. Last year’s Summit event was sold out for the first year as a result of our work, and the amazing efforts and collaboration of the Pushpay team.

About Pushpay

Pushpay exists to bring people together by strengthening community, connection, and belonging. As the leading provider of mobile app experiences and giving technology to churches, schools, and nonprofits, Pushpay helps organizations and their communities stay connected anytime, anywhere. Engagement is the key to community.
In today’s world, “online” or “digital” is no longer cutting edge. Phones have evolved into smartphones, and these personal devices are linking people everywhere to the outside world on their own terms. Now you can harness this cultural shift to connect people with your organization, driving engagement and participation.

Brand Colors

We wanted a bold color scheme to catch eyes and grab attention, while at the same time keeping the brand clean and minimalistic. After playing with several variations of orange, we finally settled on a stronger tone of orange to capture our audience.










Summit is a three-day, interactive conference focused on connecting leading growth and engagement experts of fast-growing churches with pastors, church leaders and church staff. Attendees will learn about church growth and engagement through best practices in leadership, communications and technology.

Summit Introduction 1:28

Summit Event Introduction

Summit 2018 2:20

Summit 2018 Event Video